Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our trip (part I)

Our trip went real well. The Ford Galaxy ( picture 1 & 2) was a nice car. It went the whole trip down (990 km, 660 miles) on one tank of gas. It was a nice drive, there was a lot of farmland and rolling hills. Speed limit was 130 kph, about 80 mph most of the way down. There was a lot of traffic heading out of Paris and things moved slowly at first but we still managed to make the trip in about 8 hours. I think I have driven through over 100 round-abouts (rond point). We arrived at the house ( picture 3 and 4) which was lovely, it had a real nice view out of the back yard (picture 5 and 6). The yard was nice and there were a lot of toys and kids books there. The neighbors were real nice. On the one side was a young couple with a week old baby. On the other was a couple from Belgium who had retired in the south of France. They spoke no english but were real friendly and had us over for an aperitif one night. They claimed to be catholic and cam out and asked what the difference was in beliefs between us. I hope my words in stumbling French made an impression on them. I had to pick from simple terms I knew and stated something like catholics believe that the church makes the rules, but we believe that the bible has all the rules. We talked for several hours, she has a brother who had committed suicide that she was still broken up about. She had in her house several jars of holy water and her mother's chair from the catholic church. Be in prayers that the words that we said will help her to desire to read her Bible in search of the truth. We exchanged numbers and she called us when we arrived home. They do not have a lot of friends locally because the housing in the area does not have a lot of permanent residents. Next I will blog about our activities including visiting castles, caves, caverns, the beach, Spain and all the interesting cultural moments. God bless, JASON

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