Friday, July 25, 2008

Notre Anniversaire de connaissance

An interesting and special day today. After school I finally decided to take apart the sink drain in the bathroom. It had been draining slower and slower. After disassembling the drain contents inside were as follows, two double A batteries, one triple A battery, and various small pieces of plastic. That explains the slow pace. But this is a special day for another reason. Eleven years ago I met my wife.

It was July 25th, 1997. I had been praying for God to give me the perfect wife for me. I was working at McDonalds that day. I noticed on the schedule that I was going to have to train someone that evening. Normally I hated training other people. But that day, it was Angie that I was training. It was the first time that we had worked together. It was a wonderful evening. We talked a lot, we laughed. She was very beautiful, happy, and a good Christian. We finished work at midnight and when I arrived home, the phone rang. It was Angie again. We married a year later. She had been praying for the perfect husband for her. She is not perfect, but she is perfect for me.

C'était le 25 juillet, 1997. J'ai déja prié pour une femme parfaite pour moi. Je travaillais à McDonalds. J'ai regardé le planning qui montrait que j'allais enseigner quelqe'un le soir. Normalement je déteste l'enseignement, mais ce jour la, c'était Angie. C'était la première fois que nous travaillions ensemble. C'était un soir merveilleux. On a beaucoup parlé. On a ri. Ell était très jolie et heureuse, et une bonne chrétienne. On a fini notre travail à minuit. Quand je suis rentré chez moi, le téléphone a sonné. C'était Angie. On s'est mariés une année plus tard. Elle avait aussi prié pour un homme qui est parfait pour elle. Elle n'était pas parfaite, mais elle était parfaite pour moi.


Kelli said...

I love that story! Isn't God good to bless us with just the right spouse? Hope you guys are doing great!

bob said...

I was thinking that she was really smart in making a good impression on the one who was training her! Not only did she get to keep her job, she figured out how to get you to work for her! When the women know what they want they know how to get it.

J/K Really sweet story of God's providence!