Monday, July 28, 2008

Il fait chaud.

The weather got a little warm today. The highest we have had all year. 90 degrees. This has been a cool year even by Paris standards, which we have been praying for. Ninety degrees may not sound bad, but realise that there are no homes and very few businesses with air conditioning. How does everyone survive? For one thing they have homes made for it. All homes have shutters that actually work. You can air your home out at night and then shut it up during the day to hold the cool air in. Also the walls of our home are at least 12 inches thick, solid concrete. That helps. So, even with the ninety degrees outside, it only got up to 82 inside. That is cooler than our TBI apartment would stay with the air conditioner. So, I am not at all complaining about the heat. There are a lot more places hotter. God bless, JASON

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