Thursday, May 29, 2008

"I stuck the pencil in his ear because the music didn't stop."

Such was Micah's explanation as to why he tried putting a pencil into Andrew's ear. I'm still trying to figure out the logic on that. We had to make a couple of Doctor visits this week. Lilia had fallen down while skating a couple of weeks ago and had been complaining about her hip popping and hurting ever since. We scheduled an appointment with the Doctor tuesday. Had X-rays at the hospital Wednesday and went back to the doctor who prescribed two prescriptions, said it wasn't serious and told her to stay off of it for 4 days. One nice thing about france in the health care system. Dr.'s visit - 22 euros. Two x-rays - 46 Euros, Two prescriptions 9 Euros. And everyplace asks if we want the paperwork to send to the government who might refund us some based on our income. I couldn't accept it even if we would have received it. It was cheap enough already. It was also neat that Angie and Lilia only had to wait ten minutes at the hospital to get the x-rays, even without an appointment. The Doctors appoitment was 6:30 a night. It worked out well. Also this week, we had our first real storm, hail started falling. I like storms and so I was enjoying every minute of it. We had a good week at language school and I feel like I am picking up a little more. Language learning comes in stages with plateaus. It is not a continual process, you have periods where you feel like you are learning nothing and then suddenly everything makes sense and then the process repeats. I think my plateaus are close together. Also attached is a picture of Andrew by the window. The hail woke him up. God bless, JASON


Bro. Matt said...

Obviously, you need to pull out your logic book again and review your lessons! Hahahaha!!!

Chris said...

I am sure it makes perfect sense to Micah.