Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful for more visitors.

We had a good visit with Steve and Tonya.

Scenes from the drive to Barcelona.

I led a couple of songs in Spanish in Barcelona.

The wildmans.
A Thanksgiving feast.

Jim and Subie.

The boys and Arianna.
We said goodbye to the Rutherfords.  We enjoyed a couple of days with them.  We took them to the market Friday morning.  We were able to walk around a little until it started raining.  In the afternoon the ladies enjoyed some shopping while Steve and I watched the boys.  Saturday I drove them back to Barcelona via the scenic route.  The changing leaves made a beautiful drive.  Saturday evening, Angie was going to the youth meeting, but when Lilia and her arrived they found no one else was coming and so they drove home.  That evening I had a basketball game.  We won! It was a good game, even though I did not contribute much.  Sunday services went well in Carcassonne.  Monday the kids started back in school.  Finally Angie and I had a time to sit and talk seriously about Thanksgiving.  We were approved for a room from the Mayors office, but there was not one available until mid-December, which is when things get really busy for us.  We decided that we would just invite guests over once a week, a few at a time.  That left us with Thanksgiving as a family.  We were not really motivated to do anything, but . . . Wednesday morning Angie got a call from Jim, they are an American family traveling the world for a year.  There were looking for someone to have Thanksgiving with and so we invited them to come.  They came over with their three boys Wednesday afternoon and went to basketball practice with us, stayed for Pizza, Jim came to basketball practice with us that evening, walked with me to get our boys from school, stopped by and had lunch with us on Thursday, stayed for Thanksgiving dinner, we watched the kids for them Friday afternoon and evening. . . we just had a wonderful time with them.   Thanksgiving is one of the times when we really miss family the most, and it worked great the God sent us the Wildmans for a moment.  We were able to help them out as well, as their car had recently been broken into and they were having to deal with all the issues about replacing all their credit cards and stolen items.  You can check out their blog here, hearing the echoes.  We just had a great time with them.  And Thanksgiving was great, not just because of the food, but because of God's blessings.  Sunday we traveled to Barcelona, where I preached.  Lilia stayed home because Saturday night she had fallen off the ladder to her bunk bed and bruised her hip.  Monday our new friends stopped by for supper and to say goodbye as they continue their adventure and as we continue ours.  We definitely hope to visit with them next time we are in the States.  Thank you God for all your blessings, we are looking forward to the future.  God bless, JASON

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