Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barcelona and Birthday

Lilia had a smiley face cheesecake birthday cake.

Her favorite gift was some boots.

Snow covered Pyrenees on the way to Barcelona.

Caleb had all of these kids playing in his lap for a while.

Pastor Leopoldo, Nancy, and their kids.

Lilia and I looking at some spanish music.
We did have a good weekend.  Lilia's birthday party went well, with just our family.  She was spoiled as usual.  We spent Sunday in Barcelona where I was preaching. We had a great time.  I am still amazed at how much Spanish I can pick up on.  I suppose it helps speaking French.  I wish I could speak as much Spanish as I understand.  We had a great service, and a great lunch as well.  We made it home without any problem, stopping by McDonalds to treat the kids for being well behaved.  Caleb was playing well with all the other kids at the church. Arianna went to Sunday School class without any hesitation.  I would think some kids would be scared to go to a class in another language, but it didn't slow down Arianna and Andrew.  Monday I went in search of the tensions pulley for our dryer.  Yes, our dryer still is not working.  I replaced the belt that finally came in, and found out the reason why the belt went bad, now just waiting for that part.  The kids have been a lot of fun this vacation.  Right now Caleb is chasing Arianna around like he is a monster.  She just went after him with a shoe to defend herself.  Andrew said something out of the blue yesterday, "Dad instead of spanking us, why don't you spank the dishwasher?"  I don't think I ever answered him.  Arianna is potty training, in the beginning stages.  She goes if you ask her at the right time.  But now she is just as happy when she goes in her diaper as when she goes in her potty.  Angie has bought her some panties that should help the process along.  No hurry. I heard some words of advice when dealing with kids once, "Sometimes the key to enlightenment is to lighten up."  I will be returning to Barcelona on Thursday to pick up the Rutherfords, missionaries in Romania, who are going to spend a couple of days with us.  God bless, JASON

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