Friday, October 26, 2012

School Break

Arianna sits in Andrew's lap to watch TV, which she doesn't actually watch.

Lilia is hungry after swimming.

Micah gets creative with the map colors.

Angie got a good deal on a bread machine at a garage sale.

Arianna gave a little fashion show.

Arianna found Angie's lipstick, and why not put it on the belly.
Once again, things have gone well.  The weekend passed quickly.  Lilia had a swimming competition Saturday. I took her and we had a good time.  She swam the 800 meters race, she knocked over a minute off of her best time finishing at 12 min 40 sec.  She didn't place very high because this competition went all the way to 18 year-olds.   We had a good talk with my parents and enjoyed listening to their church services on Skype.  Angie found some good deals at garage sales over the weekend as well.  Monday and Tuesday she didn't feel well.  Tuesday night she scheduled a Doctors appointment.  Turns out that he blood pressure was high, so the doctor prescribed her a second medicine to take.  We canceled the Bible study Tuesday night since Angie was going to be late getting back from the Doctor, and because three others were not going to be able to make it.  Wednesday, basketball went well. I had 10 in my class, one new boy came.  They are progressing well.  They are an energetic group.  Our practice Wednesday and Thursday went well.  We played a little scrimmage between us, I scored 20 of our teams 48 points, and we won.  On Wednesday after practice, I offered to wash our practice jerseys, because our coach doesn't have a dryer, and they would not have time to line dry by Thursday.  We washed and dried them, and was doing a second load on Thursday when our dryer started making noises.  Turns out that the belt was broken, I got one ordered.  At least the jerseys were clean and dried.  Thursday night, I had meet the teacher night with Lilia.  It was a fun experience.  A lot of waiting in line.  Everyone said Lilia was doing a great job, and that she is well behaved and quiet in class (which is a negative thing in France), and that she needs to speak up a little more.  Friday, I had a good time at the market. I met several people, passed out a Bible and several tracts.  There was one lady interested in the Bible study that we are having.  Angie ate lunch at a restaurant in town with a friend.  This afternoon, I got our expenses turned in, fixed a broken toilet, and helped a friend pick up some fence posts.  Tonight is family night, we will probably watch a movie with the kids when Lilia gets out of swimming class. This was their last day of school, they get a two week break for Toussaints, a catholic saints holiday. We plan to have a good time, spending some time with the kids, and with some of their friends.  Pray that you have a blessed weekend.  JASON 

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