Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First haircut

Arianna shows her hair cut.

Lilia was playing with Arianna and taking pictures.

Lilia made some type of chocolate spread for breakfast.

Someone took this picture of Lilia in Turkey.
 Here I am again.  Another week passed.  Lets see, we did have a good visit with Guillaume, who spoke at the church in Carcassonne the day before.  He will be attending Seminary in Texas next year.  Hopefully we can arrange for him to visit our church.  Tuesday night Bible Study went well.  We covered the women caught in adultery and brought before Jesus by her accusers.  We had more of a discussion, where I tried just to ask questions.  Several good things were brought out that I had not thought of.  Wednesday found me coaching the basketball group again.  This time we had 11 students, and I was very thankful that my helper showed up.  They all seem to be improving.  We had a good practice Wednesday and Thursday night.  At the end of practice Thursday evening, the security guy turned the lights off on us at exactly 10:30, the end of practice, but we were still playing.  You should have seen the reaction and the dressing down that he got right then and there.  Some of the guys that I knew as being cool and calm, showed another side.  Friday market went well.  I had a couple of homeless guys set up around me selling homemade jewelry and twirling batons with sticks.  That kept most of the traffic off my side, but I did talk with some of their friends. Friday night I went to a home Bible study at a friends house in Carcassonne.  I had a good time, and played the keyboard for them.  Saturday, we helped Philippe some clearing a field of rocks.  The boys did a good job working.  That afternoon, I straightened up the yard, and replaced a broken tile on the roof of the garage.  Arianna got a haircut sometime in there, just a trimming of the bangs.  Sunday services went well, we stayed for a meal afterwards and Angie stayed for a business meeting, were their was some discussion about starting a Sunday School.  Last week, I also got all the paperwork prepared for the basketball group that will be coming in June.  I am excited about this opportunity and as well AC Green will be coming.  Monday there was a conference at a church in Toulouse where Guillaume would be speaking.  I went along with three others from Limoux and a couple from Carcassonne.  The conference went real well, and I enjoyed talking with other pastors, several of them being American as well.  Looking forward to the Bible Study tonight.  God bless, JASON 
Caleb and Andrew having some jelly toasts.

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