Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthdays and visits

Playing basketball at Micah's party.

Rain clouds coming in.

Monday again.  Monday's never really bothered me.  I always seemed to carry the excitement from Sunday over into the work week.  We had another good week.  Our kick off for the Bible study was well.. There were 5 in attendance.  We continued our study through in the book of John and had a good time of updates and prayer for the future of our work here.  Wednesday we had Micah's birthday part, which ended up being on Angie's birthday.  I bought a new rug for Angie's birthday, and wisely enough, I let her pick it out.  I ended up coaching Wednesday afternoon almost all by myself.  There were 8 kids present again.  I had a good time with them.  We had a good number show up for the grown ups practice time as well, 20.  The market was well attended, I had a good visit with a another christian who was there selling matresses.  Also, the pastor from Carcassonne stopped by with the guest speaker who was at their church this last Sunday.  We had a good visit.  He will soon be attending seminary in Fort Worth.  Angie has still been on call to translate for the Australian friend of ours expecting twins.  She is two weeks past the date that twins usually arrive, and so I think they may induce her today.  Saturday, it rained all day.  We were supposed to go to Magrie to their art exposition where a friend of ours had some paintings, but we were rained out.  Angie went shopping instead and I did enjoy a visit from a friend in Carcassonne.  Sunday services went really well.  The visiting speaker did an awesome job sharing his testimony and sharing God's word.  We stayed for the meal afterwards and invited the speaker to eat with us on Monday night.  Sunday, late afternoon I finally made it to the art exhibit.  Our friend won an award and Caleb and I had a good time attending and visited for a little while afterwards.  We are looking forward to another blessed week, and pray that you have one as well. JASON
I might have shared this picture before, but this time I'm
ignoring the sleeping beauty and
pointing out the rug that was Angie's present.

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