Monday, September 24, 2012

Catching up with people.

Arianna and her friend are ready to walk.

Lilia enters the clouds.

Some of the local wildlife.

The boys run up ahead.

With the kids getting bigger, it was time to get some more
dressors.  Thanks IKEA!
Someone else took this picture in Turkey,
Andrew drinking out of the pitcher,
wearing his turkish hat, we me
oblivious in the background.

Greetings!  Another week has gone by.  We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to see almost all our contacts this past week.  We had visitors Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday and Sunday.    Friday morning market went well.  It was good to catch up with everyone.  Same for the services in Carcassonne, we had a great time, though I found out when I arrived that  I was supposed to be officiating.  Oops.  Thursday night we had a friendly basketball game with the team in Castelnaudary. We had a great time. We lost by ten points but played well considering we had two new players to our team. I scored 4 points. First part of the week, we got setttled back in, shopped, and hosted guests.  Wednesday basketball went good again.  Thursday we celebrated Micah's birthday and we bought them a Wii. We thought about getting him a Nintendo DS but they ended up being more expensive. A good thing about the Wii that I didn't know is that it can also play DVDs and surf the web.  I had a good time with Micah.  We gave him the game but not the console.  I told them that he could play it in the DVD player.  After several failed attempts I finally brought out the console, to many delightful cries and sighs of relief.  The following market went well, really windy again, as a tropical storm spins in the Atlantic, sending us rain and wind.  Saturday night we were invited to a BBQ with friends in a forest up in the mountains.  We had a great time.  The kids enjoyed wandering on the paths and the food and fellowship was good.  Services went well in Carcassonne, Angie offered to be a translater for an Australian couple who is expecting twins any day now.  The husband is a rugby player in Carcassonne. Sunday afternoon we made a visit and had a couple come visit us, and still managed to hear most of our sending church services on Skype.  Looking foward to this week.  Tuesday night will be our restart of the Bible Study.  God bless, JASON
Micah opening some presents, his official party will be this
Arianna falls asleep on Angie's new rug, Angie's birthday present.

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