Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visitors and Coaching

Coach Jason

The group in Barcelona.

Notre Dame de Marceille in Limoux

We have had a good visit with Lynn and Brenda.  We had a good visit with the church in Barcelona (Andrew and I).  We enjoyed the services and meal afterwards and then headed back with Lynn and Brenda.  They arrived without their  checked bags which were left in Turkey. They got one of them by Wednesday but the other one will have to follow them to their next destination.  Angie got her bag on Tuesday.  We got the kids in school in Monday.  Andrew was the only one who gave problems.  Micah did fuss a little, but found a couple of kids he knew in his class.  Andrew however had to be pried, crying from his momma.  He did fine after lunch and the rest of this week.  It has been a fun filled time of doing homework, filling out paperwork and such.  Lilia as usual, is taking care of all her stuff, she brings me a paper every now and then and says "Sign here".  We got Lilia and Caleb enrolled in swimming again.  We are looking for Andrew a soccer team. Micah and Andrew are also in basketball. I had my first coaching session Wednesday night.  It went well.  We had a good group of kids, already twice as many as last year.  I hope that they stick with it.  I worked with the group ages 5 to 9.  There were 9 in this group.  Thankfully we got some new balls and a new goal as well.  We drove the Raburns to the airport in Carcassonne this morning where they are heading to Scotland.  We enjoyed their visit, didn't go see a lot of stuff, but had some fun visiting together.   As you see in the pictures, Angie took them to see a church, built in the 1100's, Notre Dame de Marceille.  Looking forward to this weekend and to the market in the morning.  God bless, JASON


Gites in France said...

Hi Jason,

Looks like you had a great time in Barcelona.

Best wishes, Alex

Guide to France said...

Barcelona is possibly the best city in Spain in my opinion anyway, plus not to far a drive to France! great read thanks Daniel