Saturday, September 8, 2012

Retreat in Turkey

Angie caught this hummingbird in our front yard.

Angie and I at the mineral formations in Hierapolis. (Micah
wondered why the snow didn't melt)

Arianna and I walk through the cascading water.

The boys enjoy one of the pools.

They don't seem to be admiring the view.

Angie at the ruins of Laodecia.

Well, we did not stay back in France for long, not long enough to get over jet lag.  After some frantic unpacking and packing, we left for the airport in Marseille at 2:30 Sunday morning.  We we made it to the airport and two planes later was in Ismir, were we met some good friends from Kenya, and boarded a bus for the city near there to spend the night.  We enjoyed seeing all of our missionary friends there.  In the morning we all caught a bus for a 3 hour ride to Pamakkale (Hierapolis). The retreat was excellent, great preaching, fellowship, and teaching.  I enjoyed sharing with the men in one session.  The kids had a great time in VBS, swimming, and playing with their friends.  The food was good, and we finally got caught up after jet lag.  We did take a touristy tour of ancient Hierapolis, with its hot (more like warm) baths and formations.  It was very beautiful as we scaled the mountain of running water, kids playing all the way.  After sad goobyes we again headed back to France.  A couple of flights and long lines found us in Brussells with a 7 hour layover, where I mentioned to Angie that we had never lost a bag with all our travels and that we were probably over due.  Later arriving in Marseille, we solved that statistical problem, when Angie's bag did not arrive. Hopefully they will get it back to us soon.  We are one again unpacking and preparing for the first day of school on Monday and the Raburns visiting with us.  I will pick them up in Barcelona tomorrow, and attend services there.  God bless, JASON 

They must have a lot of kids.

Kids sing on the their VBS songs.

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