Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stand up

This could almost be a blog in pictures.  The Easter weekend went real well.  We enjoyed the services in Carcassonne and listening to the services in Hillsboro as well.  We started two weeks with the kids at home.  They started two weeks of spring break.  It rained most of Saturday.  Monday, Lilia rocked Arianna to sleep twice.  Arianna also pulled herself up to the standing position by herself, for the first time.  She had found one of the kids chairs and pushed it on her knees all the way to me, and when it stopped against my legs, she stood up. Later Monday evening, a neat line of storms blowed in from the east.  It was very pretty to watch over the hills.  So the attached pictures are of, Lilia with Arianna sleeping in her lap and Arianna standing up, rain clouds moving in, and the Easter egg hunt.  One other funny quote from Caleb.  He came in while I was cutting up some carrots.  I asked him what he would do if I cut off my finger and blood was squirting everywhere.  He said, "I would go outside."  God bless, JASON 

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