Friday, April 22, 2011

Change in the Weather

Those strawberries are the reddest I have ever seen.

Tree in front of Andrew's school.
The Bible study went well last night.  We had a lesson on salvation, but there was a lot of good discussion concerning different topics.  There were six that came.  Angie had a lesson with the kids during most of the Bible study.  They really enjoyed it as well and could not wait to show me what they had done.  The market was good this morning, there was only four people who stopped by the stand. One lady was very excited to hear about our work. She was baptized by a baptist church in the north of France and she eagerly took my card and said that she would call and was interested in the Bible Study as well as the prospects for a church in Limoux.  Angie went and watched Andrew go swimming with his class.  He really enjoys it and is not scarred to get into the water.  She had a nice conversation with another mother while they waited.  She stopped back the market and we went and picked up a few items (pictured).  This has been one of the warmest Aprils on record here in France.   We have also not had much rain, but there are still penty of flowers.  The weather is changing as there has been a strong wind blowing these last couple of days and heavy rain is in the forcast for tonight and tommorrow.  Arianna has a tooth clearly showing now.  She slept good last night, after waking up every two hours the night before.  Hope that you enjoy your Easter weekend.  Historically in France you eat a Egg and Asperagus omelet on Easter. We might give that a try.  Also remember Angie and her family in your prayers, one of her uncles passed away this week.  God bless, JASON 

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