Thursday, May 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

Allow me to jump around and little and gives a few tidbits. I went to the sous-prefecture this afternoon to find out if we could extend our visa for a few more months to June of next year. After waiting in line for two hours I find out that it should work out. They would have expired in February, waiting to June would allow us to get the kids closer to finishing school. We are close to getting all of our paperwork together for the house. I hope that it goes smoothly after we get it all to him. We had two tests this week and another on Tuesday. The TCF (official test of french knowledge) is creeping up on us as well. Monday is a national holiday, Pentecost. We all made a good trip together to the store. The weather has been beautiful that last couple of days and it was nice to get out as a family and get some shopping done. Caleb and Micah got some new shoes which boys always seem to need. The exchange rate has been on the climb the last week but seems to be dropping down a little bit which is good. I will need to get started soon on getting my monthly report out. The whole family seems to be really looking forward to moving on to Limoux. It is great that the kids are excited about it was well. I brought a short sermon at the school last Friday. I tried doing it without a transcripts and just glancing at my notes. It went fairly well. I only tried doing it this way because it only had to be about ten minutes long. I hope that you can hear and understand it well enough. There was a moment of laughter because I mispronounces the word for "sin" and said "fishing" instead. Enjoy and God Bless, JASON

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