Saturday, May 9, 2009


Friday was a holiday here so the school had a BBQ. It went real well. Everyone brought their own meat and then shared side dishes. We had meat cooking on the grill for probably 3 hours. We brought hotdogs for lunch and also grilled some chicken for supper. Others did the same thing. I had the privelege of grilling Octopus for someone, which was a first for me. We played a couple games of volleyball afterwards. Angie felt better and really enjoyed getting out.

We are still waiting to hear from the car dealer about the Dacia. He was waiting to hear from a couple salesmen and said he would call back Monday. Angie has found a couple of nice homes in Limoux that she is interested in as well. She will most likely be traveling there in the next couple of weeks to settle in on one for sure.

Last night we swapped Lilia for two boys from another language school family. Caleb was real excited about his first "spending the night party". So Lilia is getting to spend the night with a friend and Caleb had two friends over to spend the night with him. They have had a real good time together. Attached are some pictures of the BBQ. God bless, JASON

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