Sunday, May 17, 2009

Buying a Car in France 2

We successfully bought a car Saturday. The salesmen at the dealership was really nice and helpful. He spoke French a little slower than the last agent we spoke to thankfully. He showed me the show model which was nice looking and asked if I wanted to drive it but I declined as I had already driven one. I was thinking that the car he showed me was for sale but he finally explained to me that no one has stock for these vehicles, the only vehicles they have are the show model. There is such a high demand for them that they have to be ordered direct from the factory. So we went back inside and ordered one. I did find out that there is no dealer financing for students (We have students visas) because "student" in France is evidently a synonym for "jobless". No problem, I can try to get the money elsewhere. It will take about two months for it to arrive. We purchased a Dacia Logan Laurate edition, 7 passenger, diesel (85) with air conditioning. Brand new from the dealer with everything for 15,440.50 €. What I found really great was there was only one paper to sign. The whole process went really well and now we just have to wait for the car to arrive, tentatively the 26th of July. Now that that is behind us we are moving on with the house hunting.
While I was out car buying Angie was at home with a couple of sick kids. Thankfully all are better now. Just a 24 hours virus. Attached picture was a common sight throughout the day. God Bless, JASON

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