Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We found out Monday that a line of 250 campers was trying to pull off the Autoroute onto the park here in town. Gypsies. The police were trying to stop them form entering because if they did then it would take two months of paperwork before they could get them to leave. Traffic was blocked for about 10 hours. Finally they had to let them in. According to the paper there are now 450 campers in the park. I will attach some pictures of the process. Everyone was afraid that the crime would increase in town like when a similar thing happened about 5 years ago. Thankfully these gypsies are pentecostal so that there has not been any problems. Besides our park is overrun. Yesterday I met a friend in Paris who brought us some goodies, including peanut butter. Matt has made several trips here to France and I enjoyed seeing him again. Angie is preparing to go to Limoux this weekend to look at houses. She will traveling with another mom from the language school. They are going to really enjoy eachothers company the trip there. We got a call from a older couple we know there and they invited Angie and her friend to spend the night with them instead of getting a hotel. I rented her a car yesterday, a small one. I will make sure and get a picture of it as well. Thanks for reading. God bless, JASON

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