Monday, September 1, 2008


Another good weekend has passed. We had good services yesterday, Bro. Lynn brought a good lesson that even the kids followed well. We had a couple from a language school come eat with us Saturday night. They used to service in Kenya and knew a lot of people that the Raburns knew from there time there. We shared a lot of stories and had a good time. We met some knew students that arrived Sunday at language school. One young man had just spent some of the summer in east Texas, our home. Two young ladies also arrived, one of which was from North Little Rock, where Lynn and Brenda call home. It is amazing how small the world is. We saw on the list of students that name of a student that had gone to high school with Angie, it ended up not being the same guy, the world is not that small. School starts for us on Thursday, but we are going to go to the orientation Tuesday to meet some of the new students. I had the some of the same situations experienced when we arrived, except I played a different role. This time I greeted them in French and they said, "Uh . . . English please." We plan on visiting Paris today. We looked at going to Normandy Wednesday, but at short notice it was too expensive for the rental car. Looking forward to a good week ahead of us, things are going to get a little busier, which I like. God bless, JASON

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