Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to School

School has started up again. We have quite a bit of homework to catch up on. The kids did not seem to miss much. The lessons are going well again. There are a lot of new students that we want to get to know more and we have plenty of time. This week Angie is responsible for setting up and cleaning up the coffee break. Next week it will be my turn. I brought the music for the service this afternoon. It is nice to get back into a routine, as long as that routine brings honor and glory to God. The exchange rate has been real good, considering the last few months. I hope that the current financial woes of the stock market don't affect it much. I paid some of our language school tuition. I have also started researching prices and types of cars. The is a Pontiac Minivan at our language school that the secretary is willing to sell for 4,000 euros. It is ten years old and has 230,000 km. It has been sitting for several years and I'm not sure that that price would be worth what we could get out of it. Well supper is ready, so I'm going to eat, a popular french pastime. God bless, JASON

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