Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Corfu, Greece

We are having a good time in Corfu. The trip was a little rough at times. Caleb got his fingers stuck in the door of the Subway. Bruised and cut his little finger pretty back, I had to jerk them out. We checked with the Doctor here just to make sure it was okay, he prescribes Iodine and Ice and charged 50 euros for his time. The flights went well with the kids, it is handy being able to open the laptop and put a movie on for the kids in the Airport to make the layover hours pass faster. We got some interesting looks but the other missionaries liked it and understood. We have been having good fellowship, learning and relaxation. There is a large group of french people here and so we have been able to keep a little french speaking going. One of the best things I have liked about here is I feel that it is okay to act like a tourist here. In France we are always trying to fit in, but this is a vacation spot, so I can let the kids be loud and speak English without having a problem. The sessions have been good and I have already learned a lot. I had the privilege of bringing the message this morning. The kids have immediately made friends with all the other missionary kids they didn't know and rekindled friendships that they have already made while we were on deputation. I am having to pay for this Internet connection so I will write back more later from the house on Saturday. Attached are pictures or Sacre Coeur and from Sacre Coeur (large old catholic church). God bless, Jason

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Kelli said...

Angie, I can SO see you as a little girl in this picture of Lilia! She is beautiful. I pray that things are going well for you guys.
Love, Kelli