Friday, August 9, 2013


We left for Romania at 7 am Monday.  We had a good eight hour drive that day across the lavender fields of France.

We stayed the night in Freiburg, Germany, a small distance from the border.  Early the next morning we visited the waterfalls at Triburg, the American Christian school, Black Forest Academy, and then saw the "Disney Castle" before staying the night near Vienna, Austria.

We made it across Austria to Szeged, Hungary, the following day.  What followed was a 12 hour drive to our friends, the Manary's house.  There were little to no interstates in Romania , that along with lot of towns and villages made the drive slow.We finally arrived and enjoyed some fellowship and rest. The next day we had a good time hanging out together. I went with Dave to see their new church building getting close to being completed. Saturday we went to the park and to see the castle in tinkerbesti.  
Sunday, I preached in their morning service and the went with Dave and Vasy, youth pastor and translator, to shop fof camp.  Monday morning we went to camp in the mountains far from civilization. 
I had a great time preaching in the evening services, and getting to know the pastors, missionaries, and teens.  Lilia had a good time as well.  The best part was the six who were saved.  Lilia a nd I had a really good time.  We made it back Friday, caught up on s kme rest and enjoyed family night with the Manary's.  We left to head back on Saturday morning.  We drove back with no detours stopping in Arad, Romania; Vienna, Austria; and Zurich, Switzerland.  We arrived back home 9:30 pm Tuesday.

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