Saturday, August 10, 2013


After we got back Romania, we unloaded the car and a half hour later, met with one of my teammates who is going to Arkansas to try out for some college basketball teams. The next day we met a pastor and his wife who stopped by while on vacation.  We had a great visit.  After lunch I took the to the walled city of Carcassonne where we had supper then I dropped them off at the train station.

Afterwards we cleaned up the yard and finished laundry.  I hung up three new close lines.  Two days were spent helping a friend get settled into her new apartment and put furniture back together.  We are also helping our next door neighbor get ready to move.  She has blessed us by giving a lot of stuff including a bedroom set of matching desk, shelf, and closet.  We have also been trying to keep cool on the hot days.  Here the kids are eating ice cream.

Just when Angie was about to insist on getting an AC unit, things cooled off a little.  There were even a few brief thunderstorms which I always enjoy.  Our garden has been doing well 
We have been geting plenty of tomatos and courgettes.  The markets on Friday morning have been a lot of fun.  Plenty of people are coming and lots of tourists.  Yesterday, I spoke with several people and passed out a bible, a book, tracts, and a DVD.  That catches us up.  Today I traded out Arianna's bed for a larger one.  Arianna is doing well with the potty training.  She will soon turn three.  God bless, JASON

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