Monday, April 15, 2013

What time is it ? GAMETIME

Arianna and Lilia in the back yard.

Micah drives for the basket.

Micah climbs our cherry tree.

Andrew helps with the yard work.
We have had a good week, highlighted with beautiful spring weather and meeting  new people.  We had a good Bible study Tuesday.  Wednesday's basketball practice went well.  Thursday morning, I meet with my language helper and also with our coach to discuss our basketball projects.   We talked about AC Green and also about the kids tournament being held at Limoux on the following Sunday.  This was the first time Limoux hosted the tournament and so it was a learning experience.  Thursday evenings practice went well.  We planned our final game Friday night.  Friday morning market went good, there were many people out and about.  I left my stand a few times to check out local hotels for AC Green.  That evening, I went early with a teammate to the game to attend a training session on keeping the score and filling out the paperwork.  The game went real well. We won 88 to 46 and I scored a career high 16 points.  Attached video I am seen scoring at the end.  Caleb went along with me and took the video.  The game was an hour away and so I had a good talk with the guys on the way and back, and was even able to speak with one of them about God.  Saturday morning, Angie helped carry one of our friends to the hospital for a foot problem.  Meanwhile, I walked the boys to a birthday party that Caleb was invited to.  The mother ended up inviting all the boys to stay because they knew her other kids.  I went back later to pick them up, and had a good visit while the kids played a few more minutes before coming home to work on homework.  Angie and Lilia meanwhile went to the youth meeting.  I made some phone calls, reservations for AC Green, talked with the man organizing our basketball group, etc.  Sunday services went well.  There were several first time visitors.  That afternoon we had our tournament.  It went smoothly.  The kids played well.  We got everything set up in time, and besides Angie having to get some spoons and change for the concession stand (which was difficult because everything is closed on Sunday) everything went smoothly.  Micah scored once.  Angie was speaking with one of the other mothers there, and ended up that her husband knew one of our friends in Paris.  We invited them over after the tournament, they have five kids as well.  We had a good visit with them.  Today, we got the paperwork to register Arianna in school for next year.  I have worked on emails as well.  And now it is time to get the boys and Lilia for lunch.  With sunny blue skies, and 68 degrees currently, I think I will walk. 


Anastacia Maness said...

Um...In the first picture Lilia must have had a haircut. She looks a bit younger too. ;-)

abainfrance said...

Oops. Like that's never happened you ;)