Monday, April 8, 2013

Meeting with the Mayor

One of the heats starts running.

Caleb turns to wave, I'm following behind him.

Andrew looking for Easter eggs.
Our week went well.  We are still feeling Satan's attacks, but God is with us.  The kids had school on Wednesday this past week, unusual, but they were making up for a day they had off back in November.  I worked quite a bit this past week on posters for AC Green's event this summer.  I also went to see the hotel about the rooms, they had wrote down our reservation, but it didn't cover all the days I had asked for, so we won't have the rooms for the time we need.  We are now looking at renting a house for the group, which will actually be cheaper than the hotel. The weather told cold and rainy.  We had some record low temperature for this time of year.  One morning, it was 36.  With the threat of rain, I didn't make it to the market.  I did have a meeting with the mayor of Limoux, about our basketball opportunities this summer, mostly with AC Green coming to give a speech here.  It went real well.  I was able to introduce myself as a pastor, and explain my work in Limoux.  God was present, because, the Mayor introduced me to a man sitting outside his door, who ended up being the man who started the first Basketball Club in Limoux, some 35 years ago.  Saturday, the boys had their cross country race that they do with the school every year.  There are usually over 1000 kids present.  We had a great time, in spite of cold temperatures.  We were able to meet many parents for the kids old school.  Saturday afternoon we met with a some new friends who and had a great visit as well.  Services went well Sunday.  At Carcassonne, the pastor started a new series on the gospel of John, and that evening Dad started a new series on the book of Job.  This is the last week of school for the kids before they get two weeks off for spring break.  Hope to have all the basketball plans laid out by the end of this week.  God bless, JASON 

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