Friday, June 22, 2012

First Broadcast from the States

Layover in London.
We made it.  We had a good week packing and getting things ready.  We did a little each day and didn't get overwhelmed.  The boys got more and more excited as the week went a long.  Tuesday Angie met with Calebs teacher who said all was doing well.  Also that afternoon I went to help a friend unload some hay bales.  We unloaded the first but I ran out of time and had to get the kids and so I told him I would help after I got the kids.  When I returned I saw the hay sitting beside the trailer and a missing fence post.  He was going to drive to the other spot and forgot the tailgate on the trailer and the bale rolled out and took out a fence post.  At least we had a good laugh about it.  Wednesday and Thursday were full preparation for the voyage.  Thursday evening we had a fingerfood fellowship with our bible study group.  We enjoyed the fellowship and saying goodbye.  Friday was just a blur.  We got the kids from school at 5.  Lilia and I went to say goodbye to some friends.  Then at 6 we had Andrew's end of school program.  Angie left after a few minutes to go visit with Micah's teacher, who also said he was doing real well in school.  Andrew did good on his school program.  He had some speaking parts and did a wonderful job.  As soon as the program was over I ran to the basketball meeting and found out that I will be coaching three boys teams next year.  That will be exciting.  I then ran back home to have supper with our neighbor who graciously cooked for us.  We had a couple of other friends stop by to say goodbye before we headed off to bed.  Arianna had a rough night and woke up a few times with fever.
Windy and cloudy in London, what are the odds?

We overslept and little and thankfully Andrew woke us up at 4:30 because we were leaving the house at 5.  We made it to the airport and caught our flight no problem.  We had some turbulence landing in London because of 45mph winds.  Thankfully no one got sick.  After a couple hour layover in London we caught the ten hour flight to Dallas.  It went well.  Arianna had fever at times and slept most of the time.  Lilia, Caleb, and Micah sat two rows behind us.  We were met at the airport in Dallas by my parents and my little sister, her husband, and baby.  We had a drove the hour and a half to my parents and had a good visit before heading to bed. 

Getting to see a beautiful Texas sunset.
Sunday we attended the services at our sending church.  We had a good time and a good visit with everyone.  Monday morning Angie and I flew out for the ABA meeting in Fresno, California.  We had a wonderful time.  We got to meet some old friends and make some new ones.  There were approximately 1000 people attending.  747 churches sent reports with mission offerings totaling $10,256,450.38 for this past year, and missionnaries reported 34,539 professions of faith and 11,318 baptisms.  Thursday we flew back to Texas and are planning to get a good nights rest before heading to a family birthday party tomorrow.  God bless, JASON

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Chris said...

I would guess the odds of weather like that in London would be about 1 to 1? Just a guess though.