Monday, June 11, 2012

Another birthday?

Caleb holds Arianna on the pony.

Andrew opens presents.

Well, we had a good weekend.  We celebrated Andrew's birthday on Saturday by inviting a few friends over.  We had a good time.  This was the first time Andrew had his own friends over and he was very excited.  We took them to ride the pony and they played in the yard. The weather has been mild for about the last week, temperatures climbing into the upper 70s for the highs.  Sunday services went well.  After church I we had a visit from a friend who is leaving today for a short vacation in Greece.  We were excited to see her before she left, and I helped her load up her luggage.   Sunday night, I finally started painting the bathroom.  After I got the first coat on, we realized that it was not going to be the "sand" color that the package claimed, but was going to be more of a pink.  So this morning, after we dropped the kids off the school we headed and let Angie pick out a good color this time.  I finished putting on the first coat this morning, and finished the hallway as well.  The garage is cleaned and straightened.  The kitchen is all cleaned and wiped down.  We love to be able to let people use our home and car while we are out, but that means we need to leave things in nice order as well.  Cleaning the car will be one of the last things I do.  The countdown is lowering as we leave on Saturday of this week.  I think Angie did start packing a bag of church clothes.  Seems like something else happens today. . . oh yeah.  Today is my birthday.  34 years old today.  I'm still young!  The kids had a little party for me, I had a neat store bought, French quality cake, and got a new basketball.  Other than that I will spend the rest of the day cleaning and may even do a little packing myself.  God bless, JASON
These two pictures are from the Carcassonne church picnic. 
We had a wonderful view.
Now that's a big sandwich.


Anonymous said...

i am a born again chritian, with a holiday home near limoux
i am looking for a church to attend whist at the french house
where abouts is yours?

abainfrance said...

We will not be here this summer, the church we attend is in Carcassonne, here is their website, , though last I heard it was down. If you would like their info i can email me at We would love to meet you some time.