Friday, June 8, 2012

Andrew's birthday

Thow boys playing pingpong at the neighbors.

Arianna with her hair up and coloring.

Arianna helps to put up her cloths.

Arianna enjoying her milkshake

Andrew with his new bike and riding a pony.

Time approaches our departure date, faster and faster.  We had a good weekend, things went well at church Sunday with me leading in the services.  We met a young lady who is doing an apprenticeship in Limoux at church.  She joined us Tuesday night for Micah and Calebs end of school music program.(thankfully this year it only lasted an hour).  Tuesday was Andrew's birthday.  After the music program we took them to McDonalds for ice cream.  They had a good since several of their friends  were there as well.  Andrew is a big 6 year old now.  We took a cake to his school on Tuesday and gave him one present.  Wednesday, I went and let him pick out a bike.  This was the high point of his life so far, I believe.  He has wanted to be like his brothers and have a real bike for so long.  He took right too it, and learned without falling down. Wednesday we also took the boys to let them  break in the pony.  That went easier than I expected.  The only complaint by the pony was that he would plant his feet and not want to more.  That's when he would get a "spank" on the rear and lurch forward once again.  The first time this happened scared Andrew, the second time the pony planted his feet and wouldn't move, Andrew immediately said, "Please no spanking".  Thursday before Bible study, my basketball team had a meeting.  Those who have been running the club are resigning and they needed more people to step up and take up roles for the club to continue.  I might end up being the president, secretary, or treasurer, and there is a chance that I might be doing some coaching next year as well.  Bible study was good, we had our guest with us.  Angie has been continuing the Bible study with her friend and they have both been enjoying it.  The weather has been cooler this week, with rain here and there.  We are starting to get ready for this summer.  I have been doing some odd jobs around the house, but I still have not painted yet.  Saturday will be Andrew's official birthday party.  We are going to our friends house to let him and his friends have pony rides.  (That's right, the pony that was in the back of the SUV).  He is excited because this will be his first time having his friends over.   The market was well attended this morning. I met several tourists.  I like having to opportunity to share with them, because I hope it plants a seed in their life as well.  Enjoy you weekend as well. God bless, JASON

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