Friday, May 11, 2012

Long distance

Andrew and I running for 6 minutes.

Micah and I running for 12 minutes.

Caleb running and me, trying to stay caught up.
I forgot to mention in the last blog about last Saturday morning.  Last saturday we participated in "Le crosse de mille enfants".  A long distance race involving thousands of kids from local schools.  There were over 5 000 present this year.  This year I ran with our three boys who were participating.  I ran 6 minutes with Andrew, 12 minutes with Micah, and 15 with Caleb.  At the end I was pretty tired out but had a lot of fun running with the boys.  We also had the opportunity to visit with the other parents who attended.  Things are still going well.  I have made a lot of progress on the website that I am working on.  But I still have a few bugs to work out.  I hope to have the home page up tonight. We had three present for the bible study.  The market went well this morning.  The weather was lovely and there were a lot of people out.  Looking forward to a busy weekend.  God bless, JASON

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Justin and Sarah said...

Looks to me your just standing in the same spot :)