Friday, May 25, 2012

Kittys in the kitchen

The boys playing in their new "kingdom" - the
back yard.

Discovered that this is Arianna's guilty look - the "I found the
coffee cream that was left on the table and helped myself to it
as well as using some to paint the floor, aren't you proud of
me" look. 
What a beautiful day we are having today.  It is about 80 degrees outside with clear sunny skies.  Last weekend went well.  We had a good time at our friends house on Saturday and had a good conversation as well.  Lilia was sick and stayed home.  She still wasn't feeling good on Sunday, so only Caleb, Micah and I went to Barcelona.  We had a great time there.  The services went well.  We had a wonderful Mexican food lunch, complete with Tamales.  On the way home we ran into heavy rain and hail that slowed traffic down, as well as traffic as everyone was returning from the four day weekend.  It took four and a half hours instead of the normal three.  The rain continued on monday and tuesday, along with moments of high winds.  Our house is somewhat sheltered where we are now, so we did not notice it, but there were gusts of up to 70mph in some places.  I worked all day monday on some computer problems which I still have not resolved.  I did finally finish my web site, , and it is in English as well.  Translating the French to English was more difficult than I expected, because of the horse vocabulary.  I knew what certain things meant in French, but did not know the English equivalent.  I'm sure there are still some things that do not make much sense.  If you find something, let me know.  Bible study went well last night.  The market was well attended this morning, I had a man stop by who was interested in the Bible study.  We talked for a little while and he said he would like to come to it.  This weekend we are celebrating the anniversary of the church in Carcassonne, there will be a picnic lunch after services on Sunday.  Some people have asked, and the answer is "no", we have not begun packing for the states yet.  We still have several weeks to go and many other things to work on.  Tomorrow I need to paint our bathroom and the back hallway, to name a couple.  We will have some cherries ripe shortly, if the birds do not eat them all.  Sunday morning, the stray cat the we have half-adopted had her kittens in our sun room.  We let them stay in the kitchen for a few days, but they are back outside now.  I have to admit that they are cute and she is a good mother. Caleb has already started worrying about who will take care of them while we are gone.  I assured him that she was doing fine before we arrived and will do okay while we are gone.  Have a good weekend.  God bless, JASON

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