Thursday, April 26, 2012

The strong and large part

Arianna under our apple tree which is now blooming.

A bay tree in our side yard, with a fig tree behind it.

To the untrained eye, this might look like weeds, but it is
actually, sage, parsley, and two types of mint.

There is a bee hive station behind our house, and I guess all
the bees come to our house to drink out of our rain catcher.
Lilia working on her homework, which I never have
to tell her to do.

One of our "ceps" in the back yard.
We had a good weekend.  There was the threat of rain almost every day.  Thankfully the weather was nice Saturday morning when I helped some good friends or ours move.  We had a good time and got everything moved before the rain came in that afternoon.  Sunday at church I did the kids lesson on the True Vine, John 15.  I enjoyed the lesson and it was made even richer by the fact that we live in the largest grape producing region in the world and every one is well familiar with the "Cep" the strong large part of the vine that remains, which the vines grow out of.  You can see in the picture some of the "ceps" that the boys and I pulled up while clearing a vineyard with a friend. We replanted them in the back yard, looking forward to having some grape jelly in the fall, something that you have trouble finding in the stores over her.  Sunday afternoon we got a baby sitter for an hour and went and visited with some friends.  We enjoyed the time together and a little break from the children, it has been over a year since we had a moment to ourselves like that.  The kids are back in school this week, I stopped by the mayors office to get the paperwork filled out to have them transfered to the school closer to us next year.  The boys have no problem with it, because they all have friends in that school as well.  The rest of the week has been preparing for the Bible study, doing a few odd jobs around the house for Angie, and working on getting a internet page set up for a friend.  I am setting up this internet page for him, not only to help him out, but also to force myself to become more familiar with how to do it in hopes that I can make a site for myself by then end of this year.  We still have been getting plenty of rain here and there and the temperature has remained cool, jacket weather.  We almost had a visitor come over, a friend that went to high school with Angie made a business trip to Spain and was held up waiting, so he was about to schedule a trip to come spend some time with us, but ended up being freed up to return to the States. ( I had a bried interuption that you were not aware of, had to chase a mouse out of the house.)  We have a busy few days ahead, check back for more information soon.  God bless, JASON 

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