Thursday, April 12, 2012

Castle on a hill

Looking at Queribus

Panoramic view from the top.

Lilia presents Queribus from the parking lot.

Looking into the gorge.


Easter egg hunt.

Time has gotten away from me again.  Last week passed well.  I do not remeber much now of what happened.  Arianna has been really cute.  Angie felt a little under the weather at times.  Most people here blame that on the change in temperatures on almost a daily basis, and sometime it even changes during the day.  One day this week it started out cold and rainy, then changed to sunny and warm and before long, it was cold and rainy again.  Bible Study and the market on Friday went well. Our Easter weekend went good as well.  Saturday, the girls went to do some shopping and so I took the boys on a bike ride.  It went well, they all learned a little.  Caleb learned not to wander in front of others.  Andrew (who was acutally on his scooter) learned not to go too fast, and Micah learned that it is not a good idea to look down to watch how your bike works while you are actually riding it.  Services went well Sunday, we did get to visit with several visitors at the church in Carcassonne.  We missed hearing most of the services with our sending church because the internet connection was poor.  We did take time for a brief easter egg hunt and had good discussions all day long about the meaning of Eastser.  Monday and Tuesday I helped a friend work on his ranch.  I am planning to help him get a internet site up and running.  This will be practice as well for when I get my own site up soon.  While I was helping, Lilia was riding horses, which she was happy with as well.  Caleb has school in the mornings this week, even thought they are on their two weeks spring break.  He is getting a little extra help in French.  We are enjoying all the Spring flowers around.  We almost lost them all a couple of days ago, and storm rolled through and we had a downpour of pea sized hail.  The boys were impressed.  Angie had gone to pick up Lilia from a friends house and missed the majority of the storm.  Yesterday I took our oldest four, and one of their friends to see Queribus, a castle high on a hill (click it if you want to know more).  On the way we stopped and looked at a gorge that was beautiful as well.  Today I finished up the Bible study and had a quick session with my language helper and am getting ready for the Bible Study this evening.  Enjoy the pics, God bless, JASON
Grab a quick family pick.

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