Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We'll work

We found this large earthworm while planting roses.

Arianna and Lilia give eachother a look.

The kids playing ping pong next door.
We were blessed with another good week.  We had a few visits the beginning of the week, but most of the time was spent on paperwork.  I got our tickets for our trip to the states this summer.  I got our state-side taxes done. Wednesday, I fixed the kids bikes, again.  We also planted some roses in the flower bed and trimmed some trees.  The weather has been absolutely wonderful with it warming up into the 60's during the afternoons.   Thursday's Bible Study went well, we stayed and visited afterwards for a while.    Friday morning's market was a little better attended, but still not many people stopped by, besides the regulars.  Friday afternoon, I helped a friend put on a new porch.  I hauled 800 kg of concrete to him, over the course of the afternoon (or at least so I thought).  Saturday, while Angie was taking our neighbor to pick up some groceries, she met a friends that invited us over that afternoon.  We stayed and visited with them for a while in their new house that is not too far from ours.  In fact, the kids went on bicycles.  That evening Angie and Lilia attended the youth meeting in Carcassonne.  They had a good time and even met the parents of a new attendee who is Dutch.  Sunday afternoon, we had some visitors after church.  Lilia and Caleb watched the rugby match on TV at a neighbors house and played some ping pong as well.  France was beaten by England by 2 points.  Today I did work in the office, and received several calls.  This afternoon I helped finish putting down the concrete. We found out that they misunderstood last time and had given us only 400 kg on Friday.  So today we had the real 800 kg.  We did manage to finish before dark.  We also invitied him to eat with us afterwards and had a good long visit.  Today the kids have a dress up carnaval at school.  We will be taking several trip to see them.   This evening one of my teamates will have dinner with us along with his girlfriend.  Looking forward to this week.  God bless, JASON

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