Monday, March 19, 2012

Hand me another sack

This picture makes we smile.  Micah thought that Caleb was
keeping the rock from falling by using "the force".

At a friendly game of UNO, looks like
someone just got skipped.
Last week went well.  I helped out a friend finish up some concrete.  After we did 1,200 kilos liquid, on Saturday we finished up with 41 bags of dry mix.  I enjoyed the work and fellowship.  Last weeks had a few low points.  I invited someone to chuch on Sunday and in their reply they hinted that that would never be possible.  I hope that I didn't offend them and that I can continue to have a good friendship with him.  At the market on Friday morning  I met a couple of ladies from another church in town.  They asked what my plans were for Limoux, and after  I explained, they gave a response that I have heard before, "But there is already a pastor working in Limoux."  Even though I had heard it before I was still shocked at the response.   In a town of over 10,000, I think that there is enough work for several dozen pastors.  I always try to emphasize when I meet people from other churches in the area, that I am not in competition with anyone but Satan.  My desire is to see people come to have a relationship with Jesus, and grow in that relationship.  Last weeks was busy as well with visits, we had someone over for dinner on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night.  Wednesday was busy as well with family activites.  Thursday night was the Bible study, and Friday night Caleb had a friend over.  Saturday I helped out a  friend in the morning, while Lilia rode horses.  After lunch,  Micah rode and Andrew had a birthday party to attend.  Sunday, I led the services at the church in Carcassonne, and the boys had a basketball tournament that afternoon.  It was a busy week, but good as well.  This week will be more of a office week.  We have a doctors appointment for Arianna and Angie.  We need to go to Carcassonne to pick up Arianna's birth certificate with the correct spelling of her name.  I need to met with our house agency to find out about a key that is missing to unlock our upstairs storage.  I noticed in the news this past week that three military personel were killed by a sniper near Toulouse  over two days last week.  Angie just saw reported on the news that three jewish children were killed at a school in Toulouse, also by a sniper. I pray that they catch the person who is doing this.  God bless, JASON

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