Friday, September 17, 2010


Arianna sleeping on her side.

Been having a good week.  Things are slowly getting back to normal (whatever that is).  The kids are in school and doing good.  Each of them seem to have their little problems.  Lilia had a little trouble with division but has signed up for some extra help and will have it down again in a matter of weeks.  Caleb had been telling us that he has no homework and nothing was written in his book.  Come to find out that his teacher had been telling them what the homework was and he just didn't write it down.  Micah has experienced the first woes of forced memorization.  He has had to memorize poems for school.  He picks them up real quick and likes quoting them afterwards, but memorization process for him is irritating.  Andrew is liking school, Angie spoke with his teacher and he is just going in the mornings now.  We are still working on his potty training with some small advances.  Arianna finally sleeped well last night.  She slept for three hours and then Angie had to wake her up to feed her and then she slept for 5 more hours.  She has already learned to roll over from her back to her stomach.  Twice now I have gotten her out of bed and she was on her stomach.  Angie is feeling better, she is off her blood pressure medicine, much to her delight as it was making her drowsy and tired feeling throughout the day. She has had some back pain, but we are hoping that it is just caused by her sleep patterns these last few nights.  That leaves me, I am doing well.  I got all the papers for our insurance filled out and mailed.  I prepared the lesson for last night in time, but only the pastor and his wife from Carcassonne came.  We had a good visit with them.  The daughter of one of our friends stayed the night with us last night because her parents were out of town.  She is a teenager, which Lilia loves.  She hangs out with her and watches her all she can.  I got the kids registered in their swimming class, we added Micah this time so we will have three swimmers soon.  Today we need to do some shopping as it is Micah's birthday monday.  I will also prepare the Sunday School lesson that I will be teaching Sunday.  I'll finish this one with a couple of kids quotes.  I was walking the kids back to the car after school and Micah noticed a man that walked by who had unkept hair and beard.  Micah loudly stated, "Look! It's Moses!"  Angie found Arianna sucking her thumb in her sleep this morning.  She told me to look.  Suddenly we hear the voice of Andrew (who still sucks his thumb) coming from somewhere saying, "Of course she is, she is a baby!"  God bless, JASON

Andrew and Arianna

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