Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mountain View

Looking out on Limoux
Looking out over Carcassonne
Zoomed in on the walled city of
Carcassonne from about 20 miles away.
First off, if you would like further details about how this weeks as past, you can read more details at my dad's blog. We really enjoyed the time spent with my parents.  They were a big help with the kids.  My mom stayed up a couple of nights rocking Arianna so that we could get some sleep.  We had a really good bible study Thursday night.  Arianna has been doing well, but still has her days and nights mixed up. I was rocking her last night and about one in the morning she suddenly gave a loud cry and then went back to sleep.  I wondered if she was having a bad dream.  I really enjoyed the hike that we went on Wednesday.  It was long and hard, but we made it to the top and had a wonderful view.  We picked up some last things from the store Thursday.  Enjoyed the bible study that evening.  It has been great to be able to introduce my parents to those who have meant so much to us.  We left our house at Midnight Thursday night to take my parents back to the airport.  There were some tearful goodbyes on the grandchildrens side.  I made it to the airport fine and dropped them off, the headed back home.  I made it home about 7 in the morning, just in time to help get the kids ready for school.  Caleb was sick Thursday and Friday with stomach problems.  Friday in between ferrying the kids to school, I napped.  We enjoyed time with the family Friday night.  I also went to our friends house here in Magrie helped them load up our car.  Their son has finished College and taken a teaching position near Bordeaux.  They needed to move his stuff into his apartment there but could not find a rental van.  Thankfully everything fit into our cars.  I made the trip to Bordeaux Saturday.  I was a pleasant drive, there is a large pine forest that surrounds Bordeaux.  Services went well this morning.  Angie and Arianna stayed home to get some rest.  The church in Carcassonne started their Sunday school this morning and it was very well attended.  I think there were eleven children there.  I'm going to move on the other things that I need to get done.  God bless, JASON     

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Jessica Page said...

So glad you guys are doing well. I've been praying for you as you adjust to another little one at home. Love you guys.