Sunday, September 5, 2010

All aboard.

The view from Angie's hospital room.
CAUTION: Cutest when sleeping.
My favorite picture so far.
Angie and Arianna have made it home. They was a tense moment Thursday when Arianna started chocking and coughed up an un-identifiable substance. They watched her for a couple of hours in Neonatal ICU and sucked out her stomach but everyone thing looked ok. My Dad did a fine job at the bible study Thursday evening. I started out translating, but after a while passed it on to the former pastor in Carcassonne. It wasn't really a problem of translation as it was a problem of remebering what he had said that needed to be translated. The kids started school Thursday as well. Things all went good. Andrew hesitated a little. It was harder for him because he has no brother at school with him this year, and he complains that he has no friends. I think it also bothered him that Angie wasn't there. After a little encouragement he went in no problems. Friday we sorted out the billing process with the hospital. They ended up telling us the wrong amount a few weeks ago and it ended up being a lot more. Samartian Ministries will cover the costs but we still had to arrange something with the hospital until the refund came to us. I asked if we could go ahead and have the bill. Then began a search for how much it cost. The French and even the British are covered differently and are not considered as paying out of pocket. It was interesting seeing a French person getting upset with the French system and not being able to find anyone that could tell her how much it would cost us. I will give them a few days to sort through it and them if I do not have a response, I will stop by. It is good to have Angie and Arianna home. The boys have all had interesting responses. When she first cried they all came stampeding in to see what was going on. When Angie nursed the first time there was a similar response and I will not give all the remarks, but one Micah said was, "She is eating you?" After getting Angie home and settled, several of us made a trip to Toulouse and particularly IKEA, where we picked us a few things, one of which being a rocking chair.  Services were good today. We attended the church in Carcassonne. Their services went well. Dad was given the opportunity to say thanks for all the help that the church has been to us.  Angie, Lilia, and Arianna stayed home. I helped translate the services for my parents and we stayed for the meal afterwards. We all had a good time of food, fellowship, and worship. We are planning to listen to our home church services in a few minutes. God bless, JASON

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