Monday, February 15, 2010

More details

As mentioned we left an evening early from our home because of all the snow, and we spent the night in Barcelona. We arrived at the airport at time and unloaded at our terminal, and said goodbye to Rebecca who had came along and was returning our car. When we entered we discovered that our airline was not at terminal 2 as I had found on the internet, but on terminal 1. We jumped on the shuttle and made it over to terminal one. Come to find out that because we were not as early as usual and because we had booked the flights a little later we had to split up a little on the plane. Lilia and Caleb sat in front of me and Micah, and Angie and Andrew sat two rows behind us. The plane ride went well, we were afraid that the plane would be packed because it was headed to Newark, which was closed the two previous days because of snow. It was not however, and Angie even had an empty seat on her row that allowed her to lay Andrew down comfortable. The other kids really enjoyed selecting and watching their own movies. Micah took at nap on my shoulder. The steward dropped a drink in Micah's lap, but it didn't seem to bother Micah too bad. There was strong wind when we arrived at Newark and Andrew got sick. Just after we landed Micah told me that he didn't want to go to the US and that he wanted to go home. That was a surprise, right after thought he got sick on my shoe, and that explained it. All was well after that. From Newark to Dallas, Angie sat with Micah and Andrew on row 5, Lilia on row 8, Caleb row 18, and me on row 19. I was right behind Caleb and as soon as he sat down he started talking to the lady next to him. He talked for about twenty minutes straight and then fell asleep. I think everyone had a good nap on that flight. We arrived at Dallas and were met by my parents and my little sister and her husband. We had a good drive back, the roads were clear, but there was heavy fog. The kids have been waking up early thinking it was time to get up. Saturday we enjoyed the fellowship at the church. Sunday I enjoyed sharing about our progress and preaching in the morning and evening service. After the evening service we shared some cookies and gifts from France with our church.
We have a good week planned ahead of us. We will be visiting Angie's parents this evening or tomorrow evening. Wednesday, Angie and I have dentists appointments. Friday we will be at the consulate in Houston. Attached pictures are of the family at the airport in Barcelona and myself preaching at our home church. God bless, JASON

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