Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Consulate

Last week went well. We stayed busy with visiting family early on. Wednesday, Angie and I had Dentists appointments. Thursday we headed down to Houston. We stayed with our friends, and former missionary to France, now helping plant a church in Houston. We visited the consulate Friday morning. All in all, it was a good visit. It was a little tense having the kids there in the little room for two hours. We were missing some documentation that we will have to fax to them, but other than that, no big problems. We needed to have open ended airline tickets for each of us so that in case we do not get approved an extension in France we hasve proof that we can make it back to the states. It seems to be a hassle and a lot of money just to have sitting in airline tickets, but it's required. We paid $136 per visa (6 total). Saturday we visited some more friends. Sunday I shared in the Sunday morning services at a church in Brownwood, Texas. The Pastor and his family were our neighbors in Seminary and still remain close friends of ours. Monday I sent in all our tax information, hopefully that is done. This morning I visited my missions treasurer in the hospital as he is awaiting gall bladder surgery. There are two inches of snow on the ground outside. This has been a record year for snowfall in Texas, the most on record. We plan on heading to Henderson this weekend. I will be helping my father replace my grandparents hot water heater, as well as visiting some friends in sharing with two churches in Sunday. Attached pictures are one we took this past Sunday and one we took just before we left over two years ago. Thank you for the prayers on our behalf. God bless, JASON

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