Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We had a great weekend. Saturday, Lilia wanted to have a friend over. I talked to her mother on the phone and arranged a meeting place. We planned to meet at LIDL, but no one showed up. Come to find out that they thought I said at school. So it didn't work out. We did have a good visit from friends in Carcassonne. Saturday evening we had supper with out friends in Magrie who are from the Reunion Island. We had a wonderful meal and visit with them. Sunday services went real well. We stayed for the meal afterwards even though we had planned not to. Micah and Andrew have had the cold and so we planned on returning home, when one of the church members heard this, he insisted that we stay because after all this is cold season and we are all supposed to have colds. We really appreciate the church in Carcassonne and all the help and prayers that they have offered up for us. It is amazing seeing God's hand in our ministry here. He called us to a place to start working where we would have another church not to far away that we could learn from and help with while we are getting started. He has placed good christian friends in the same village that we are in, they moved in just a few weeks after we did. God is truly amazing. Sunday afternoon everyone but Andrew took a nap, opposite of what usually happens. He slept during church. I stayed up last night an watched the Superbowl. I enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I understood more of the French this year but the commentators were very interesting. The tried to explain what a wide receiver was, who the safty is, what is means to be "shy" a few inches, what "who dat" means. . . They did a good job.  The kids have started the countdown to our departure. We are looking forward to making a trip back and seeing friends and family. I have been able to schedule several appointments with churches already. God bless, JASON

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