Monday, February 9, 2009

Rain all day.

It has rained all day today. I don't mind the rain usually, but after walking four miles in it you do end up wet. The weekend was good. I traveled by bus and train and visited a church on the East side of Paris. Enjoyed a good sermon Sunday evening from our home Church. I don't think I have mentioned that our sending church's services are broadcast over the Internet through the local radio station you can go to this link and click "listen online" to enjoy the sermon and worship. It comes on 11 am central time which for those foreigners is 5pm - Greenwich time (GMT). School has started back up and going. We have a test tomorrow, but that means no homework tonight otherwise. Today we spent another hour (several over the past few weeks) distinguishing between two "u" sounds. It is difficult because one of the sounds doesn't exist in English. For those phonetically trained the two sounds are [y] (like if you were saying "stupid" - "steeeewpid") and [u] (all the other u sounds in English like "boo"). They are hard to say and to hear, and of course they can make a big difference in the meaning of a phrase. Tomorrow evening there is a "spectacle" at the language school, they will eat crepes and learn a dance from the northern "Breton" part of France. I graciously volunteered to stay home with the kids so Angie can go. I'm sure she will have a great time as I probably would have had a slightly lesser good time. Attached is a picture of me giving a sermon in French at the language school. God bless, JASON


The Rousseaus said...

How often does it rain over there, not like Scotland where it rains 300 days a year and is misty the other 65?

abainfrance said...

I would say rainy 200 days out of the year, cloudy the other 165.