Sunday, February 8, 2009


We have had a good weekend so far. Friday we picked Lilia and Caleb up from school and let them play on a playground close by while we waited to go get Micah. Micah still stays 45 minutes after school on Thursday and Friday to work with his teacher and several other classmates on French. It has helped just the other day he thought of a word in french and could not come up with the English. That was a first. When he did arrive after school we continued to let them play because it was a little warmer than normal and we thought that some exercise would be good. Suddenly Micah claimed to need to go to the bathroom, one that could not be handled outdoors. Another family had stayed with us to let their kids play while I helped one of them prepare for his scripture reading that he had coming up at the language school. They offered to let Micah come over and use their restroom since they lived closer than we did. They ended up inviting us over for supper (hotdogs (my favorite) and hamburgers). Micah never did use the restroom. But now he has in his mind to conveniently need to use the restroom next Friday. We had a wonderful visit. We always ask about how the couple meet and ended up together. It is always a interesting story, and of course we share ours with them. We made it home late but it was a fun evening. It worked out well that the kids got a little exercises because today it snowed and sleeted almost all for most of the day. Thankfully it was not cold enough to let it stick. I am planning to go visit another church in the morning, a church of a French pastor I met through facebook. He visited in our home a few months ago and I would like to see him again and the weather is supposed to be better tomorrow. God bless, JASON

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Cory said...

Whoa Cool Snow!!! Its already 70+ degrees here