Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After the Tests

The week-end went well. I had a couple of interesting experiences. The first was I had to return and stuffed animal to Cora. Angie had bought it but when she got home she noticed that it was not on the receipt. So, I took it back and had to explain to several people before I got it resoved. I just wanted to pay for it. Later, I went to another store in a similar situation. A student at the language school asked us me to go along to help translate. Their child had stolen a small toy and needed to apologize and pay for it. I hope that it was the concept that the security guard had trouble understanding and not my french. We got the grades back from our tests last week. I am extremely happy that Angie and I made the same grade on one test. On all the rest she did better than me by a half to one and a half points. Also today our teacher gave us a work in french and said it was very similar to the word in English. We had no idea what word she was talking about, even when she gave it in English. In French it is "autarcie" in English it is "autarky". It means to be self sufficient. Let me also give another quote that Micah threw out last night. He suddenly says, "I wish I had a big head." I am attaching a video that I made tonight with Lilia (off Camera) singing the Model Prayer in French (view on my youtube page). God bless, JASON


abainfrance said...

Thanks Cory for the Chord help!

Leea said...

That was beautiful!

Cory said...

Yeah----autarky-----Big hep teacher!!!!