Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's next?

Final exams are finished, all goodbyes have been said, What is next? We received our grades from the last semester. Drum roll please. On the exam, Jason made 82.5 and Angie made 85. For the course Jason made 87.75 and Angie made 88.5. As usual Angie just beat me again. As far as a general overview of what happens next. School ends for the kids on July 4th. We will then leave for a weeks vacation to the south of France. We return and I get started with summer school which will last three weeks to the first of August. School starts again the first of September. The second week of school we will go to Greece for a Missionary Retreat. This next school year we will also be working on securing our visa for next year and searching for housing to have when we finish school. We finish school in June, make a trip back to the US for several months to check on everyone and then return again to France. Of course during all of this time we will be working to help get the church a firm footing here and training new disciple makers and hopefully a pastor as well. Wow, sounds like a lot, that helps get it straight in my head. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. God bless, JASON

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