Friday, October 3, 2014

Summer 2014 - September

I almost caught up on blogging.  September is always a crazy month.  We made it back in time to get settled for a few days before school, associations, and Bible studies all got started.  We celebrated Arianna's fourth birthday.

Then things started really rolling.  September 2nd, I had my first AVF meeting as president, we prepared for the upcoming year.  It was also the kids first day of school.  

I still had time to get things straightened up at the house...I replaced the brake pads on the car and got new tires put on.  The weather was so nice, we took the kids to the beach on Saturday, and had some fun in the sand, the water was a little to chilly for Angie and me, but the boys seemed not to mind.  

The following week was full of meetings.  Monday evening, prep meeting for the Forum of Associations, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons were the main inscription days at the AVF.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet all the new people who came to sign up.  Friday I got back to doing the market.  Saturday was our last training for being a Referee, I am refereeing my first game tomorrow.  After visiting with the church in Carcassonne the previous Sunday, and knowing that we would be soon busy on Sunday mornings, we visited some other churches in the area during the month of September, in Toulouse and Montpellier.  Monday the 15th I had all day training for the AVF in Montpellier.  Angie had meetings with the kids teachers during this time as well. The kids are doing well in school, there were no sad faces about having to go back.  Even Arianna was looking forward to seeing her friends again and has been speaking quite a bit of french.  Saturday the 20th, we celebrated Micah's 10th birthday, a big deal for him since he does not have to use a booster seat in the car anymore.  
Basketball practice is in full swing.  Wednesday afternoon the kids practices are doing well.  There are a lot of kids so far this year, about 15 in the 6-8 year old group.  Angie is going to practice with Limoux and with the team in Carcassonne this year.  She sprained her ankle slightly this past week, so she hadn't gone this week.  The mens team is doing well.  We had 17 last night.  I was able to play in a scrimmage the 18th, and the team honestly didn't look to good.  We lost by a few but missed several good scoring occasions.  I was the second highest scorer on the team, but with only 7 points.  
The 24th, Lauren started the kids Bible studies back up and the 28th, we started our Sunday morning study.  There were three new kids this last time for he kids bible study, and there were three guests on Sunday morning and should be at least one more this coming Sunday.  
The 25th, I signed a partnership between the AVF and a local insurance company that will provide lower cost insurance to AVF members. The 26th was Angie's birthday.  The 27th was the Forum of Associations in Limoux, where all the clubs have stands to present their association.  I was able to hang out with the AVF stand and also the basketball stand all day.  Meanwhile, Angie took Lilia and Caleb to the youth group meeting in Carcassonne.  That's the summer in a nutshell.  It was interesting because the 23rd, the first day of fall, the weather changed here and things cooled off and we had a little rain.  Coming in the next post, we have the possibility for a new house to rent.  Check back soon. God bless, JASON
The first Sunday Morning Bible study.

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