Sunday, October 12, 2014

Referee and meetings

Micah was setting up Arianna in poses.

AVF room all set up.
October is well underway.  I refereed my first game the 4th.  It went well, it was hot, and I was worried about the score being close and tempers flaring, but the final score was 108 - 16.  So no worries from that aspect.  I had several meetings... Monday morning -meeting with Lauren about Thanksgiving.  Monday afternoon - stayed at the AVF for office hours, got to meet some new arrivals.  Tuesday afternoon - committee meeting with AVF, getting ready for the AVF welcome dinner Friday night.  Wednesday afternoon - took Lilia to meet some businesses, she is required to do a week long apprenticeship in December as part of her schooling.  Thursday afternoon - meet to do the shopping for the AVF dinner.  Friday afternoon - meeting at the bank to change over signature for AVF, and followed by preparing for the AVF dinner at 6:30.  Had a great time getting things set up and visiting with everyone waiting for the start.  The actual meeting went real well.  I welcome the mayor and we both gave a speech, followed by finger foods and visiting.  Yesterday I officiated two more basketball games.  I got to ride with my teammate from Limoux and so we had good visiting time.  The gym was still warm and I am starting to actually want cooler temperatures.  We did two games back to back,  the first was 11 - 13 year olds, and the second 15 - 17.  Both games went good without any major complaints. Services went good this morning, we had only two visitors, still waiting for several who said they would come to come.  Trust that God will continue to work in each situation.  God bless, JASON

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