Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer 2014 - June

Where to even start? Summer has come and gone.  Let's go through and hit the highlights.
June 1st-Carcassonne church anniversary, they had two that were baptized.  An exciting time for the church in Carcassonne.
June 4th - Our year end business meeting for the AVF.  I was officially approved as the president of the AVF, in spite of a little opposition by some who were worried about the fact that I was a pastor.
June 5th - Andrew's 8th birthday.
June 6th - Our English Camp/VBS team arrived.  Had a crash course in French and supper with them.
June 7th - Hang out with the team in the morning.  Afternoon went to a wedding where I lead the ceremony.  What a great evening.  I did the services in French and English since the husband was french and the wife was from Singapore.  Great time meeting new people, had some in depth spiritual conversations.  Owner of the castle wants to offer my services to other married couples that use the castle for marriage.  Castle was near Albi, about two hours from our house because of some roads closed for construction.  

June 8th - Didn't get home from the wedding until after 3 in the morning.  Up early to take the team to church in Carcassonne.  Afterwards had our annual lunch meeting for the basketball club.  Services in English that evening with the team in attendance.  
June 9-12 - English camp each evening.  With various activities during the day.  Camp went real good and was well attended with about 25 each night.  During the day had other activities with the team...taking baked goods to the firefighters and police men, helping the elderly with their gardening and house work.  A great week.  
June 13 - Team day off, I drove one member of the team back to the airport as he had to leave early.  Had our last Friday night bible study.
June 14 - VBS went well, 9 kids in attendance.  

June 15 - Team leaves.  Lauren takes them to the airport while we start packing.  Lilia has her last swim  competition.  She swims in 6 races and receives 4 golds, one silver and one bronze.
June 17th - Lauren takes us to the airport.  Flight back home goes well.  We spend a few days in Hillsboro and then head to Henderson.
June 21 - Family reunion for the Taylor side.  First time that we have had the whole side together since I was a child, I believe.

June 22 - We spend the service with our sending church, eating a meal afterwards and enjoying a visit from some friends from Paris.  
June 23-25 - Hanging out with friends and family.  Took a trip to the zoo with my parents.  Getting ready to hit the road.  My parents are watching the kids while Angie and I take a road trip to Washington state to visit some churches.  
I'll include the road trip on July's blog.  God bless, JASON

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