Saturday, May 31, 2014


Since I have a few minutes, I'm going to work on a blog because I do not know when I will have the next occasion.  Last week I had a good AVF training in Lyon.  The food was great, the sites amazing, the training was very professional, a good time of sharing as well.  The only worry was while I was on the train to Lyon, they announced that we would not be arriving at 6:45pm but would be late, and later they said it would be at 2am.  Thankfully they changed again and we only ended up being two hours late, but that did give everyone a scare. 
 The training laster Thursday and Friday, I got back late Friday night, but we woke up early to attend our inter-AVF picnic.  It was a good time.  We arrived early and had a walk for two hours and saw some beautiful sites.  And then had lunch together. 
After the picnic, Angie and Lilia headed directly to the youth meeting.  I took the boys and Arianna back home, because Andrew and Caleb had been invited to a friends house.  After we got back together to eat with some friends in Carcassonne we met through basketball, and we stayed visiting until midnight.  Sunday afternoon everyone but Lilia got a good nap in before our English services.  Monday night we had our Annual meeting for the basketball club.  Tuesday, I had the annual meeting for the Regional AVF at Montpellier.  Wednesday I returned to Montpellier to take Lauren to her visa appointment, and continued to Avignon to help a friend move into a new apartment, and then pick up some stuff from her cousin in Montpellier to take back to Limoux, as university is finished for summer, many students must move out.  Thursday, we helped hand out flyers again, we have passed out over 3000, and hope to have a good turnout.  Angie and Lilia are at a swimming competition yesterday and today.  I'm trying to get things done while watching the kids, doesn't always work out.  I did manage to finish a report, do some translating, prepare a flyer for our Ranch friend, and answer a lot of emails.  God bless, JASON

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