Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surprises !

Micah with his 7th birthday cake. He asked for yellow.

Arianna loving on her blanket.

Final goodbye to the aquarium. We had it exactly one year.

Micah and I and Caleb (the mummy in the background)
sleeping in the airport.
Well, we have had a few surprises keeping us busy the last few day.  Last Thursday we had two present for the Bible study.  Friday, things were pretty quiet at the market.  I did get to speak with three regulars.  Friday I placed an online add for our aquarium.  We decided part with it.  It is just a little too big and the kids were no longer interested in it.  We did get the house papers officially signed. So far the official date to move in is November 24th.  We are excited about it and are looking forward to getting closer to town and having a little more space.  Friday afternoon I had a physical which was required for basketball.  The doctor was impressed with my heart rate.  At rest it was 59 beats a minute. I think that is probably inherited more than me being in excellent shape.  Sunday morning I was going to be leading the services in Carcassonne.  As we were getting ready to leave the plumbing stopped up and water was everywhere.  We couldn't really do anything about it then, so we laid out some towels and headed for church.  The services went well, one of the members told me that I seemed more at ease.  The afternoon was spent getting the drain unclogged, which we finally did.  The boys really enjoyed the experience.  Monday morning, we had coffee with some British friends. In the afternoon I went to help a church member in Carcassonne with his internet.  He had recently moved and was having problems with his internet.  I figured out that his phone line was not activated.  Monday we also got a call from someone interested in the aquarium.  They came over to look at it Monday night and said they would take it.  This morning I was working on getting it ready, while Angie dropped off the boys and went to the store.  I got a call from the school saying that Caleb had hurt his knee and was wondering if we could come pick him up.  However Angie did not have her cell phone turned on. I called a friend who drove to the store and let Angie know about it.  She picked him up and went by the doctors office just to make sure that it wasn't serious.  They said it looked fine and gave him an anti-inflammatory and told him to take it easy for a few days (which will be tough for him).  The young couple came by at 2:30 to pick up the fish take.  I have it all ready and surprisingly, even though it was over a meter and a half long, it all fit in their little car.  We celebrated Micah's birthday this evening.  Angie made two cakes today, one for serving at his school this afteroon and one for us this evening.  The 7 year old seemed liked he loved his cake and his new toy, a spinning top. He even let the top fly right after opening it, and it landed on the birthday cake spinning icing all over me and Arianna. Everyone had a good laugh at least.  Hopefully there will not be many more surprise activites for the week.  God bless, JASON

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Stacie said...

Love that video of Arianna walking. I especially like how Andrew fell on his skates at the same time she fell down.

And thankfully we inherited our good heart rates and blood pressures from Mom, not Dad. LOL