Thursday, September 15, 2011

School days return

Arianna playing.
Well we are off and running now.  School has started, the boys enjoyed their first days.  I had no problems with any of them not wanting to go.  They all walked right in.  Micah had a short field trip even.  We went to a birthday party Monday afternoon.  I have been even more occupied with taking the kids to school now.  Lilia's school starts and 8 and the boys start at 9.  Lilia gets out earlier than the boys and at different times on different days.  I have given up trying to keep up with it.  I just ask as I am dropping her off, what time she wants to be picked up.  To shorten amount of trips we make, Lilia is eating lunch at school.  I will be looking forward to moving to town and her being able to walk.  Speaking of which, we will sign the lease this afternoon.  We also have a Doctors appointment for one of the kids and a meeting at Andrew's school to attend, followed by Bible study this evening.  Earlier this week we also had a slight scare.  We got a call from one of our missionary friends in Romania, telling us that there was an explosion at at nuclear waste treatment plant not too far from here (not too far being relative considering that it is a nuclear waster plant, it is about a two hour drive from here).  Thankfully it was not a nuclear incident. Just an explosion in a furnace, causing one death and several injuries.  There was no radiation leak.  Arianna is doing great, I think she enjoys having a little break from the boys while they are at school.  Angie and Arianna are suffering from colds, but I guess that season is approaching.  We are still having beautiful summer weather, lows in the 60's highs in the 80s.  The grape harvest has begun, which means almost every trip we take to town ends up with us stuck behind a tractor pulling a trailer full of grapes.  That is a price we pay for living in the largest grape producing region of the world.  This seasons grape harvest is a large and early one.  Warm weather we had in April caused the grapevines to bloom early, then cool wet weather in July slowed them down.  I heard this morning that my younger sister had her baby.  Baby girl was born at 11:59 during the night their time, 7 lbs 5 ozs, 19.25 inches, Naomi Elizabeth Bachman.  Mom and baby are doing good, my parents are enjoying grandchild number 11.  I will be looking forward to meeting this new addition to the family when we return to the States this summer.  God bless, Jason
Angie snapped this shot of the village where they had the
youth meeting with the church in Carcassonne last saturday.

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